Midplus Logistics

Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster – short form Midplus – is a strategic cooperation of three European universities in the field of logistics: VIA University College (DK-Aarhus/Horsens), Fontys Hogeschool (NL-Venlo) and Offenburg University.

  • VIA University College is Denmarks third largest university. Their study program Value Chain Management (VCM) is part of the cooperation.
  • Fontys Hogeschool is top-ranking in the study field „logistics management“ of The Netherlands.
  • Associated partners are both HAMK, FIN- Valkeakoski and HZ Hogeschool Zeeland, NL-Vlissingen.

The cooperation is mainly aiming for the following targets:

  • We would like you to spend some time abroad to gain valuable experiences. Within the field of logistics we offer student exchange as well as a double degree program. We assist you in finding a practical placement in one of the countries involved.
  • We would also like you to gain international experiences when being abroad for a longer time is not possible for you – maybe due to financial or familiar reasons. In TOPweeks you may attend in block courses with students from all partner universities. In TOPprojects you may work on an international real project together with a company. Amongst others we are for example financially supported by Fa. Zehnder, DE-Lahr so that we can keep your travel budget low.
  • We use a virtual classroom to share guest lectures from interesting speakers in all partner countries and to discuss the facts amongst the students of the universities involved
  • We invite international students to spend a full semester in at University of Offenburg. Besides other opportunities we offer our TOPterm with a special topic „ECommerce Management and Logistics“.