Internship Abroad

Go abroad for an internship and combine the acquisition of professional and international experience. Often, an internship abroad can be part of the study without a loss of time, because an obligatory practical semester is part of the study programme.

Internships abroad have to be self-organised. If you do not have a specific company in your mind right now, check the membership list of the "Association of friends and sponsors of Offenburg University". Many companies have locations worldwide.

The recognition of an internship abroad for your study progress is guaranteed as long as the internship met the requierements. For further information please contact the internship office of your study programme.   

A higher self-initiative is required, but valuable tips can be found on the website of the International Office. Please contact Ms. Nele Hellmold if you seek further information.

Additionally, you can find experience reports and current job offers in Moodle.


Maximilian Keller, Bachelor Student Industrial Engineering

I stayed for my internship in Marquardt Group for three months in Shanghai and two months in Paris. For me personally it was extremely interesting to live and work in both cities. Due to the cultural differences to Germany, I had to adapt in many parts of daily life. Through this, you get to know the people in these countries, their language and their culture. On top of that, you get to experience and see things that have not seen before. Most important though, you learn a lot about yourself and in my opinion that is worth a lot. I will always benefit from these experiences and I can therefore only give the recommendation to everybody who is thinking about spending some time in a foreign country, to do it.