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Thesis Abroad

Beside a semester abroad or an internship abroad, you can also gain experience from writing your Bachelor- or Master-Thesis abroad. Both partner universities and international companies offer partially this opportunity.

Writing your thesis at a partner university abroad you will gain a lot of cultural experience from another country. Additionally, you get to know a foreign education system and new teachers. Working together with foreign teachers has a positive influence on your research. Please click <link internal-link internal link in current>here to find out which partner universities are possible for a thesis abroad (marked "Thesis").

However, writing your thesis in an international company self-initiative is required. Perhaps you have already established contacts with an interesting company, which offers an interesting topic for your thesis. If you do not have a specific company in your mind right now, check the membership list of the "Association of friends and sponsors of Offenburg University". Many companies have locations worldwide.

Please contact Ms. Nele Hellmold if you seek further information.


Julian Distelzweig, Bachelor Student Business Administration

"During my undergraduate studies, I completed my obligatory practical semester in Bugatti Automobiles in Molsheim, France. Not only the car is fascinating, also the manufacturing process is worth seeing. Now, I am back in the team for my Bachelor-Thesis. Beeing part of the Team Bugatti provides an open-minded work environment including friendly colleagues from various countries."