• Profile and Objective

    To shorten product development cycles and minimize trial costs, the behavior of components is simulated on the computer in advance.

    The accuracy of the finite element simulations depends on the selected material model and in particular on the quality of the material parameters. The biaxial testing machine LFM-BIAX can be used to determine material parameters for highly nonlinear materials.

Technical Specifications

  • Electromechanical spindle drive
  • Forces: 4 x 25 kN
  • Stroke per cylinder: 400 mm
  • Maximum stroke speed: 5000 mm/s = 18 km/h
  • Controller: 8000 Hz or 0.125 ms

Applied Research

  • Parameter identification for FEA material models
  • Standardization of cruciform specimens
  • Crack modeling using XFEM
  • Optimization of rapid prototyping and tooling