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Multi Channel Management

Profile and Objective

The MCM-laboratory simulates a real retail shop environment with 11 running meters of shelves and focuses on both teaching and applied research with three main focuses:

  1. Optimization of product presentation in retail (e.g. composite placements, variations of facings, variations of presentations for different shelves areas)
  2. Survey of multi-sensual’s stimuli’s effects on buyer behaviour (e.g. scents and music)
  3. Conception and implementation of multi-channel sales activities (online and offline applications)



Applied Research Methods

  • Eye tracking, analysis of facial expression and gestures
  • Interpretation of emotions, vitalization and attitude
  • Dialogue principles (DIN EN ISO 9241-110)
  • Evaluation of assortment competence
  • Consumers’ purchase behaviour (e.g. retention time, amount of voucher, impulse buying)