FAQ Broschüre

An dieser Stelle wollen wir Ihnen praktische Informationen rund um Ihren Aufenthalt während der International Week an der Hochschule Offenburg zur Verfügung stellen.

Sie können diese Informationen ebenfalls als PDF herunterladen, so dass Sie diese Ihnen auch offline zur Verfügung stehen.

Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir selbstverständlich gerne zur Verfügung.

Accompanying programme

Monday 23.10.2017 19:00 City tour & dinner
Explore the historic old town by taking a walk through Gengenbach. Joint dinner will be at the Restaurant Frey Steinkellerhaus in Gengenbach.
Meeting Point: Room G 1.08
Dress code: Casual 

Tuesday 24.10.2017 18:45 Wine tasting & snack
Following the presentation of the research areas of our Faculty, we invite you to a wine tasting session including a snack at Gengenbach winegrower’s cooperative.
Meeting Point: Room G 1.08
Dress code: Casual

Wednesday 25.10.2017 18:00 speech & panel discussion & come-together
Part of the Erasmus Day is a keynote speech and a panel discussion about „Erasmus and European Education Policy: Impact for the Ortenau Region“.
Please note, that we have invited excellent and honourable speakers for the evening.
Following there will be a come-together for networking.
Dress code: Business

Thursday 26.10.2017 12:35 Excursion to Strasbourg
In the afternoon, we have organised an excursion to Strasbourg in France, one of the European capitals.
Meeting Point: Room G 1.08
Dress code: Casual

Additional questions

If you seek further information, please contact us by email. In urgent cases, please call us.

  • Mr. Stopfkuchen


In case of health problems, please contact the organisation team of the International Week

In addition, first responders are available at Campus Gengenbach:

  • Prof. Dr. Bernhard Denne
  • Ms. Annette Niklaus
  • Ms. Gudrun Plüschke
  • Mr. Stefan Hollinger

In case of emergency, please call 112.


Our organisation team supports you in processing with documents for Erasmus+ grants. If possible, please email the documents in advance:

  • Mr. Stopfkuchen

Information booths partner universities

An important part of the Erasmus Day is the presentation of partner universities to our students. We organize for every partner university an information booth, provided by students, who stayed abroad for a semester at the partner university. We would appreciate if you would also be available as a contact person for our students.

Internet, printing and access to computers

Free wireless internet access is available at both campuses and there are two different ways connecting to the Wi-Fi:

  • Eduroam: You can use eduroam, if your home university supports this. Please use your home username and password.
    Example: username: Campus-ID@hs-offenburg.de password: your personal password
  • Hso-weblogin: If you are not able to connect via eduroam, you can get an Offenburg university user account. In this case, please tell us during registration or send us an email in advance.

In the lecturer lounge at Kloster Campus Gengenbach. If you need coloured copies, please ask for help.

Access to computers:
If you do not bring your own laptop, you can either borrow a laptop from our IT department or use the public computer at the Faculty. Please tell us during registration.

Lunch and Coffee


Daily lunch will be not organised and covered by Offenburg University. However, the programme offers time slots for lunch with your colleagues.

At Kloster Campus Gengenbach, you may have lunch in the cafeteria located in the historical vaulted cellar of the monastery. Please note, that you have to show your IW2017 name tag for getting the staff price (3,80 €).

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 11:15 - 13:45


In addition, various restaurants in Gengenbach offer quick lunch.

  • Pizzeria La Grappa: 7,50€ (Pizza/Pasta + salad + drink)
  • Restaurant Mercyscher Hof: 6,90€ (Main course + salad or soup)
  • Drehers Kaffeehaus Gengenbach: please see lunch menu



We offer free coffee in the lecturer lounges at Campus Kloster Gengenbach (Room G 1.08) as well at Bildungscampus Gengenbach. The lecturer lounges are also excellent locations to network with colleagues from all over the world.

Maps and Transportation

For a pleasant journey and stay in Gengenbach, please plan your trip well in advance.

In the following map, we provide further information about the most important venues and locations.

Due to the central location of the Kloster Campus Gengenbach, you need transportation only for travelling and the excursion. Nevertheless, if you need a taxi, please call Taxi Heizmann:

Taxi Heizmann
77799 Ortenberg
Phone: +49 (0) 7803 2690

Name tag

During registration, you will get your personal IW2017 nametag. We ask you to wear it during the week, so that an easier identification as participant is guaranteed. 


We will take photos during the week. If you need photos for your home university after the International Week 2017, please contact us.

Venues and addresses

The International Week will take place mainly at the Kloster Campus Gengenbach located in the heart of Gengenbach. You will reach the hotels in Gengenbach by a 5-minute walk.

Some lectures will take place at Bildungscampus Gengenbach, a 15-minute walk from the old town.

Due to the central location of the Kloster Campus Gengenbach, transportation is only necessary for travelling and excursion on one’s own.

Kloster Gampus Gengenbach
Klosterstraße 14
77723 Gengenbach
Phone: +49 (0)7803-9698-0
Fax: +49 (0)7803-9698-4449

Bildungscampus Gengenbach
Brückenhäuserstraße 26
77723 Gengenbach
Phone: 07803 / 9698-0
Fax: 07803 / 9698-49