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Strategic and Marketing Management

Empf. Vorkenntnisse

Basic knowledge in Business Administration.

Lehrform Seminar

Marketing is the study and practice of providing goods or services that satisfy both consumer and industrial users. An effective marketing process is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer and industrial users requirements profitably.

The aim of this lesson is to provide the fundamental concepts of strategic marketing management and to practice applications of the key marketing skills and frameworks including:

  • Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place [distribution], Promotion)
  • Quantitative analysis (covering tools from cost accounting such as break-even analysis)
  • Brand identity prism
  • Product Life cycles
  • International strategic marketing perspectives

The class will be highly practical and interactive focusing on utilising case examples using quantitative marketing tools (as well as market research and E-Learning tools will be used).




  • the principles of modern strategic marketing as an important entrepreneurial function
  • the existing interdependencies to other functional areas which have to be taken into account in the context of decision making


Expertise in

  • using the different Marketing tools
  • involving additional tools from other functional areas such as cost accounting, investment & finance market research techniques
Dauer 2 Semester
SWS 4.0
  • Lehrveranstaltung:45 h
  • Selbststudium/
    Gruppenarbeit:105 h

  • Workload:150 h
Leistungspunkte und Noten

Project work

The module grade is factored in 6/90 in the final grade.

ECTS 5.0

Prof. Dr. R. Fischer

Max. Teilnehmer 20
Empf. Semester 1 and 2
Häufigkeit jedes Semester

The content of the module can also be used for the University's own part-time program "General Management".

Veranstaltungen Strategic and Marketing Management
Art Seminar
Nr. IBC-05-01
SWS 2.0

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