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Integrated Case Study

Empf. Vorkenntnisse

Basic knowledge in Business Administration and previous lectures like Corporate Finance I and II, Cost Management, Marketing, Leadership Management.

Lehrform Seminar

Ability to act in a target-oriented way as a consultant in a complex project characterized by the interdependencies of tasks; i. e.

  • Planning and implementation of the project and its operational budgets
  • Using extensive business know-how
  • Role-specific acting as a consultant, also as presenter among other things
Dauer 1 Semester
SWS 4.0
  • Lehrveranstaltung:45 h
  • Selbststudium/
    Gruppenarbeit:75 h

  • Workload:120 h
Leistungspunkte und Noten

Part 1: project thesis and presentation (Group examination is possible)

Part 2: written examination (60 min)

Part 1 is factored in 70 %, part 2 in 30 %.

The module grade is factored in 5/90 in the final grade.

ECTS 4.0

Prof. Dr. Rainer Fischer

Max. Teilnehmer 20
Empf. Semester 2
Häufigkeit jedes Jahr (SS)

The content of the module can also be used for the University's own part-time program "General Management" as well as for general business or industrial engineering master programs of other universities (in Germany and abroad).

Veranstaltungen Integrated Case Study
Art Seminar
Nr. IBC-09-01
SWS 4.0

The final orientation of the lesson is to draw up a business plan for a new company.

Against the background of a defined idea of the product the students have to cover the following topics:

• Marketing / Production & Logistics Strategy
- defining a sales & production program (based upon informsationd from the market research)
- defining price policy, communication policy and distribution policy
- defining the production & logistics strategy (inclu-ding the strategic question of make or buy)
• Cost & Income Accounting based upon tools such as
- Standard Costing
- ABC (Activity Based Costing)
- Sales and profit planning
• Project Management
• Design & Implementation of an E-Commerce Application
• Deriving the Business Plan comprising the following as-pects (compulsory):
o Management Summary
o Product/product strategy
o Marketing
o Investment & Finance
o Fiscal year statements for the coming years (including financial ratios)

Different teams cover the mentioned topics. The quality of the results of the teams determines the quality of the final business plan which is decisive for the readiness of the in-vestors to invest.

Additional inputs to defined topics will be delivered.


Will be announced in the kick off-meeting.

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