Business Department

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Offenburg University has a global outlook: Internationalization is a core element and a strategic focus of the Department Business. Our success is built on renown partner universities on the one hand, allowing our students to acquire valuable skills and experiences abroad both in and outside of the classroom, and our own special learning environment on the other hand, providing for a first-rate education.

Our professors collaborate intensively with teaching and research partners from Germany and abroad; highly-qualified international guest lecturers also enrich academic life at Offenburg University. Our students are prepared for the international workplace and for global citizenship – educationally, but also socially and emotionally. The Department Business thus contributes greatly to the regional economy and society.

Brazil, China, France, Spain or the USA: The Business Department’s alumni can be found all around the world, applying their knowledge and skills acquired at Offenburg. To be prepared for global challenges, our students are encouraged to spend part of their study course abroad, or do an internship abroad. Our double-degree program in Business Administration/Logistics and Trade with VIA University College/Denmark provides further opportunities in preparation for the international job market.

Life on campus in Gengenbach is international, too, with students from many different countries studying and working together at Offenburg University. Our international community continues to grow, with many innovative and export-oriented companies present in the Ortenau region, including Duravit, Hansgrohe, Herrenknecht, Hubert Burda Media, Meiko and Vivil. “Made in Baden-Württemberg” is a well-known brand of its own.

The staff at Offenburg’s International Office and our departmental international-relations officers help students organize, prepare for and complete their stay abroad, and also support international students attending Offenburg University.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Eudelle, Dean Department Business

“Gaining international experience during your student years is more important today than ever. Exchange beyond national borders is the prerequisite for first-rate research and innovation. Company representatives in our region confirm this. From my own experience, too – pursuing graduate and doctorate studies in France – I can say that international contacts are very helpful when it comes to applying for European research grants, for example, or working on topical research issues together.”


Prof. Dr. Andreas Klasen, Vice Director International Center, International-Relations Officer Department Business

“Our connected world is part of my daily work, be it talking to international students, research collaboration with colleagues from London or advising governments in Asia. At Offenburg University, we are rooted in the Ortenau region, but our reach is global. I might be engrossed in a Skype conversation with a colleague in Canada, yet when I look up, I notice the amazing vineyards and slopes of the Black Forest right from my office window.”