Profile and Objective

The automated collection of information is an essential prerequisite for digitization in the production environment. Whereas today, booking information is read with optical codes, RFID technology enables to capture various information at the same time over long distances in the single-digit metre range. Numerous information such as article numbers or position data can be exchanged wirelessly between production control systems, workpieces, operating and transport equipment. The RFID laboratory is used to demonstrate booking processes between ERP/MES systems and operating and transport equipment with RFID technology. Application scenarios in manufacturing organization and production logistics can be developed and communicated in this way. The students get to know the RFID technology also in connection with ERP systems and practice on the basis of use cases.

  • Introduction to RFID technology
  • Connection of ERP / MES systems to middleware
  • Working out, demonstrating and practicing the use of RFID technology on the basis of elaborated use cases
  • RFID Equipment of Siemens: Simatic Reader RF680R including 4 antennas Simatic 680A
  • Traverse gate for the fixation of the RFID hardware
  • RFID middleware and ERP-/MES software
  • RFID tags
  • Laboratory exercise manufacturing organization
  • Doing theses