Customer Experience Tracking

Profile and Objective

The Customer Experience Tracking laboratory deals with methods and techniques of tracking the customers’ experience both in teaching and applied research. As part of CXT latest technologies and new approaches to research are combined with the objective of identifying and evaluating consumers’ requirements for products and services. Besides it aims at developing solution approaches for the optimization of services. The use and combination of proven methods of measurement of user experience and their enrichment by valid measurements of customers’ emotions during their purchase process are fundamental for innovative research approaches. Combined with established user experience measurement technologies and methods, e.g. expert evaluation, questionnaire, eye tracking, skin conductance and Think Aloud, a mimic measurement provides the opportunity to gain information about the customer's experienced feelings, triggered by specific stimuli (e.g. images, texts, prices).

Examination Room

  • Monitoring camera, microphones, speakers, monitor, PC, tablet, smartphone
  • The home environmental atmosphere of a living room, an office or a dining room is used to simulate a realistic, familiar testing environment: sofa, armchair, coffee table, shelf unit, sideboard, floor lamp, pictures, plants, home accessories, dining table, dining table chairs.

Observation Room

  • Analysis desk (eye tracking, video and audio recording, facial expression analysis)
  • 3D scanning desk
  • Conference table with chairs


  • Interactive Minds Eye Tracking System "EyeFollower 2.0"
  • Ergoneers Dikablis Glasses
  • 2 Axis P5534 IP-Cameras HD-Ready
  • Portal BioScreen EDA (Electrodermal activity)
  • Leica 3D-Scanner ScanStation P20
  • 3-D-Printer HP Designjet Color (Located in the Rapid Prototyping Laboratory)
  • 2 Nexus 10 tablets
  • 1 iPhone 5s
  • 1 Samsung Galaxy 5S mini
  • Flat screen Grundig Sidney 55” CLE 9476 BL LED



  • Nyan 2.0 Architect analysis software (Co. Interactive Minds)
  • FaceReader 5.0 (Co. Noldus)
  • The Observer XT (Co. Noldus)
  • Media Recorder (Co. Noldus)
  • D-Lab (Co. Ergoneers)
  • Analysis software Portal BioScreen SPSS
  • ZIM-project (ZIM=Central Innovation Program for SMEs): EmotionSensor3D
  • Cooperative research with industry (reference: Burda Direct Services GmbH, EDEKA Südwest, Avenit, Zentrag, Kiebel, FGS Baden e. G.)