Information Systems

Profile and Objective

The Information Systems Lab is mainly used for student projects and labs in the Business Information Systems programs (undergraduate and graduate). We focus on topics like information systems (SAP), business Intelligence and analytics, and internet of things. Furthermore, the Information Systems Lab has access to the <link https: infrastruktur>Big Data and Machine Learning infrastructure of the <link https:>Analytics Research Group.


  • 20 PCs
  • 10 Laptops are available for student projects
  • A variety of single-board-computers (Raspberry Pi, Tinkerforge, and others) for IoT scenarios
  • <link https: infrastruktur>Big Data and Machine Learning infrastructure



  • SAP clients provide access to SAP systems of SAP University Competence Center (@University of Magdeburg)
  • Analytics Tools: SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Tools, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau Desktop, KNIME (including KNIME Server)
  • Enterprise Architekt (UML, Business Process Modelling with BPMN)
  • Dev tools: Eclipse platform & Visual Studio
  • Virtualization platform <link https:>bwLehrpool allows easy deployment of any virtual machine by lecturer
  • <link https:>bwCloud resources can be used both for research and student projects

Following lectures and seminars run in the laboratory:

  • Software Implementation Project
  • Data Warehousing und Business Intelligence
  • Betriebliche Anwendung der IT
  • VBA Programming
  • Students are authorised to use the laboratory beyond lectures and seminars.