Northumbria University

Offenburg University and renowned Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne/England have a partnership agreement allowing graduates of Offenburg University to pursue a doctorate degree at the University’s Business School (NBS).

Three doctorate programs are offered: 

All doctorate programs can be pursued on a part-time or full-time basis, and typically take between three and five years to complete. Individual support is provided by a professor or lecturer at Newcastle Business School (first supervisor) and at Offenburg University (second supervisor), in addition to other offerings such as doctoral seminars, colloquiums and methodology-related courses (e.g. research methods, academic writing, academic ethics). The doctorate degree is formally awarded by Northumbria University/England. For details on the use of academic titles in Germany, please refer to the current resolutions of the Education Ministers’ Conference (KMK).


Michael Stopfkuchen, Research Fellow and PhD Student

Newcastle Business School is a modern school, with up-to-date facilities and a forward looking perspective. Additional NBS offers junior researchers a series of outstanding internal research trainings and development support ranging from the International Research Summer School and Doctoral Conference to the provision of a dedicated doctoral research suite. Being part of the unique NBS Research community provides a supportive environment, where I can meet colleagues from all over the world, discuss my research approach and develope together innovative ideas. In addition to the professional training sessions and the fantastic service by the Graduate School, there are a great number of social and cultural events at Northumbria Universityt. You are ever alone at Northumbria!