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Midplus House

The strategic background of Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster is described in the so called „Midplus House“. The cooperation is organized in different levels with different scopes.

„The  target  is  to  achieve  a  steady  and  sustainable  student  and  staff  mobility  in  order  to enhance cross-border  knowledge in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management with all its facets“


Bottom Layer: This layer describes the basic tools of an Erasmus+ cooperation: „Student mobility“ is the most important part including study terms and practical placements abroad. „Teaching mobility“ is seen as an important enabler within Midplus house. We also introduced „knowledge mobility“ which is a steady exchange of knowledge among the partners.

In Midplus House these elements form the basis of the cooperation.

Medium Layer: Activities on this level are supposed to motivate students to go abroad. They as well address students who cannot afford going abroad for a longer time period – for example due to financial reasons or family commitments.

TOP Layer: At this layer the Midplus partners currently have installed pilot projects like the double degree program. Activities within top layer lead to a very high connectivity of the partner universities.

It is important  for the partner universities to have a common vision and mission to reach the goals in an efficient and effective way:

„We add value to each other“: An unrestricted exchange of information strengthens each participant from universities and business. It is vital to have a cross-border exchange of knowledge and experiences between universities and companies in the field of logistics.

The activities of Midplus Logistics Knowledge Cluster are imbedded in the curricula of all partner universities involved. Students can choose the level of internationalization of their own studies on their own.

„Together we form a strong supply chain“ means that the core competences of the partner universities involved complement one another. Together we cover all aspects of the supply chain.